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Italian greyhound is an ancient breed. Its history numbers many centuries and it could be followed since the Pharaoh ages. Small Italian greyhound comes from greyhounds of a smaller size that exist yet in Ancient Egypt. In one of the tombs beside the Pharaoh Psammetikh's wife's body a mummy of a tiny dog was found. That's the first documented evidence of Italian greyhound existence yet in VI B.C. According to its form and size the founding is nearly the same as contemporary Italian greyhound. The dog polished in centuries is regarded as a fine combination of “form and content”. Like the Egyptian pyramids, this breed is followed by a number of legends. We would like to tell you one of them that characterizes the self-dedication of this small dogs. According to the “father of history”, Herodotus, in V B.C. Egypt was invaded by the Persian troops headed by the Tsar Kambiz. Kambiz was pronounced the ruler of the fallen land. The delirious emperor wasn't satisfied with its military victory and decided to kill both captured pharaoh and his family. He ordered to execute Psammetikh's elder sons, and to leave the youngest, new born child in a desert – without any chance to survive.

    The carriage with small Patesiphis was followed by a small dog that accompanied the child since his very birth. All night long this loyal creature guarded the poor baby warming him with its own tiny body and protecting from little night residents of the desert. The little dog was so cold and anxious about poor baby's live that little bells on its neck chain were clinking all the time. The next day thanks to that sound the servants which stayed alive could find both the baby and the dog. According to the legend since that time Italian greyhounds still have this “noble shiver” mentioned in this story.

Italian greyhounds are oligocarpuos. At the average they have from 2 to 4 puppies. Maybe that's the reason why there are so few Italian greyhounds in our country. These dogs can't but attract attention and fascination in the street. People ask such kinds of questions that the mystery of Italian greyhound still exists.

These dogs are so expressively multi-sided and possess such a wide range of qualities so that it's not that easy to tell about all the breed's peculiarities in only one article. We'll try to dwell superficially on every aspect of dog and human relations.

They say that Italian greyhound is a one handler dog. Naturally like as other dog Italian greyhound would each the head of the family but it would find place in its loving heart for every family member. Italian greyhound is easy to get on with other animals but still requires individual attention. Being so much loving and loyal they expect the same feelings in return fair enough.

This breed is very flexible while forming character and behavior. If you have a dog since its early age you can easily bring up a dog according to your own tastes and interests.

One would like to have a cat or a dog one needn't walk, one can hold in hands like a live toy. One usually get what one wants. Many elderly people choose such kind of dogs as a friend. An elderly or just lonely person would accompany them tenderly during long evenings. Italian greyhounds strongly need physical contact with a human. When this dog is near it can't but touch its adored handler tenderly with its paw, nose or at least the end of its tail. The sweetest treat for your pet would be your permission to lie on your knees. If you leave home for long, let your dog settle a kind of nest – leave a rug or a blanket. It would be wonderful if you buy or self-make a cozy home-hide. That's a true home for a dog. Inside a dog would feel protection, warmth and coziness. That's a place to hide a favorite toy, to “dig” a delicious smacking veiny bone and somehow relief the long hours of wearying waiting for the master ti come home from work.

Many of us would like to have a dog at home but not everybody take this chance.Mostly it's not because people stay too long out of home. They are simply aware that they would not be able to walk their pet regularly. Italian greyhound is designed for such kind of people. One doesn't need to walk it in the street so often. Toilet matters are as are as easy as cats'. It only needs a basin or a newspaper. Your dog can easily relieve itself when you're out or during the rainy weather.

Someone else would regard Italian greyhound not as a sofa decoration but a greyhound – borzoi – strong, tough dog ready for big dog's hard work. A dog – frisky, persistent, tireless while running and with healthy hunting instinct. (It is worth mentioning that in Italy hunters still use breeds of well-educated Italian greyhounds to hunt for hares.)

Representatives of this breed could make fine race dogs – true sportsmen, racing fighters... Italian greyhounds start sports at a very age, from four to five months. At a first time puppies are not only got acquainted with real meaty hare fur but are also taught to concentrate on a running toy hare. It's far from an easy task for a little puppy to concentrate. Really tough tasks come three or four later. By that time a puppy is strong and grown enough. In some classes you'll notice fire in your dog's eyes when it can hear far barking and your command long before you appear in sight.

If you are fond of active rest, jogging and tourism, Italian greyhound is a dog of yours. Your pet possessing lively character, natural curiosity and – that's important – small-sized, your pet would become your true friend and reliable companion. These dogs feel ok either during your morning jogging or lying on your boat's seal or lying cozily beside your legs somewhere in the forest gazing at the evening fire.

If you are fond of active training, you would like agility. To be a success in such kind of sports you should feel united with your pet. Passion, turn of speed, fine coordination of moves and dauntless courage attributed to Italian greyhounds garantee your mutual success. Adility classes and competitions are tough enough both for the dog and for its handler.

In case your often travel by a car, your dog would be your eager companion. Italian greyhound would attend your trip with pleasure no matter how long your way is. It’s not only an entertainment for them – watching the road with interest without getting tired, but a great pleasure as well – that’s a perfect chance to stay beside its master.

Italian greyhounds have cattish grace, monkey’s smartness and astonishing ability t jump. If you coming home forget to lean down and greet your pet, it would immediately remind it to you! In a second your sweetheart would jump in your shoulders, embrace your neck with its front paws with tenderness and kiss your passionately on the nose.

However besides all the pleasure of keeping Italian greyhound at home you would be pleased by all means taking part in dog shows. Buying a pet people often note, “I bye a pet for my own, I am not interested in the shows.” But some time later you take advice from popular and experienced in breed people an dyou don’t save money but buy a puppy of famous and noble descent. If you follow all expert’s recommendations carefully and painstakingly you will see that you can’t help showing your sweetheart to other people. The first success will make you feel enthusiastic for new achievements. Your pet’s success on the runway would please you a lot. We are pleased wit our children’s success. Aren’t the dogs like children? By the way a new kind of travelling has emerged: dog-and-handler tourism aiming at international exhibitions. Often people travel with wives or husbands with kids – to see the country and show the dog. People usually take excursions during such kinds of trips.

Buying a puppy you should take into consideration that bringing up a sound healthy dog needs a great deal of efforts. Italian greyhounds are active lively dogs. This breed representatives like other greyhounds cannot stay at home too long, they need frequent walks of relieve themselves at home but in a special place. Bringing up a puppy of this breed you should need soft insistence and successive persistence by all means. However these methods are applied for upbringing of any lively creature.

Italian greyhound is an image of absolute grace, exquisiteness and grace as well hided in well-developed sculpturesque muscles. It’s not by chance that one of this dog’s names is “minor Italian greyhound”. Exquisite delicasy of its poses should not be confused with fragility and effeminacy - that’s the way some people describe it. No. Italian greyhounds are tough creatures full of stamina and energy.

Respresentatives of this breed are so fascinating that could charm any sceptic-minded person who doesn’t understand why so many people are fond of dogs. These creatures combine nearly human soul, exquisite elegancy of catty family and – the main merit of any dog – andles loyalty to their masters. One can’t but fall in love with them. Tenderness and exquisiteness of these minor dogs, good nature and loyalty to the handler stole many people’s hearts.”

Marina Smirnova

This article is kindly presented by the breeding kennel “Bel Etual”


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